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Making money through fundraising

download for paper instructions


 DOWNLOAD---Download the order form provided,

PRINT---print as many copies as you need or want to distribute.

CONTACT US----Give us a heads up or notice that you are doing a fund raiser by phoning, texting or emailing. let us know so we can do our best to honor your time frame on getting products ready and deliver to you.


Costumers order through the form and return to you. Usually within 2 or 3 weeks, or whenever you decide. As you will have stated on the form.

ORGANIZE---Orders are counted and organized by you or have us do that by handing all the forms to us. 

To qualify for the fundraising discount you need to have an order of 20 bags of coffee combined

in 250g or 460g.

Making money 

Based on the listed prices on the order form on top of page , you will profit from a  20% discount,  Sell 50+ bags and receive a 25% discount.  The discount will be applied directly to your invoice.


Sell 100+ bags and you will receive a basket of products to raffle or auction at a 50% discount.


Honey, bees wax candles, loose leaf teas are products  available for options to costumers. check out our links page.

Custom baskets with coffee and other products are  available for raffling or fundraising.


People pay you when they hand in forms or when they pickup their order. you pay us when we deliver. 

If you have any questions, please call or text Sandra at 1204 887 5726

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