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Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu (2016) - Kannada - 320Kbps - [SRI] [March-2022]




5 GB Introduction As usual, I put my faith in Veda, and having always believed in the power of the great Veda Shastra, the teachings in the earlier part of the Book, relating to the creation and the universes, to be unarguable, I reached out to Veda and the Veda Shastra, to understand the Universe and the Science. But before the Universe, there had to be'something' even before time, which'something' is not time. We have no way of telling whether it is before time or time was made for it or is it for it. So I opened the book Veda Vyakaranam by Sri Veda Vyasa, who is considered to be the father of Sanskrit Literature. It is believed that Vyasa was a Daitya King who in the course of his long military career, lost his kingdom in a battle with the Devas, whom he had offended and was banished. He reached the hermitage of sage Rama and explained to him his plight. He then went to Brahma and requested him to be restored to his kingdom and asked his blessings. In return, he composed his father's Veda. Some of the Shastras are definitely the Vyakaranam (author's own words) which go back to the Vedas, such as the one by Matsya Purana, which tells us that Matsya Veda is believed to be the original Veda, the first Veda and the fifth (the last Veda) which is made up of the Vyakaranam as well as the Manasam which follows. Now, not many scholars had given their blessings to Vyasa for his work and Sri Veda Vyasa was very happy to get his blessings and the work was done, and so, the Vedas started to be born. It is believed that Sri Veda Vyasa had been born on the bank of the river Kaveri, which was also his abode. Vyasa was said to have written four sections to his Veda, the first one consisting of Chiranjivi; the second, Narayana-Dharma; the third, Narayana Vidya and the fourth, Athavari. The first two sections are the same with almost 100 per cent similarity. Here, I am only focussing on Narayana Sadhara, since the only difference between the two is the name of the deity.




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Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu (2016) - Kannada - 320Kbps - [SRI] [March-2022]

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