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    Sumatra Harimau tiger coffee ia a specialty coffee from Sumatra, one of Indonesia’s largest islands known for producing some of the worlds distinctive coffees. The name “ Hirimau Tiger’ refers to the Sumatran tiger, emphasizing the coffees bold character and its origins exotic wild nature. The coffee is famous for its unique processing method known as wet-hulling or ‘giling bash’ which contributes to their distinct flavor profile.

    The flavor profile of Sumatra Harimua Tiger coffee typically includes a full body with a low acidy, offering deep, earthy undertones alongside notes of dark chocolate, spices, and sometimes a hint of smokiness or herbal qualities. The wet hulling process, along with rich volcanic soil and tropical region, plays a significant role in developing these complex flavors.

    The coffee pairs well with a variety of brewing methods, especially the espresso, French press, and pour- over

      PriceFrom C$9.00

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